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From the Palace of Versailles to your doctor's office, lawn care is an important part of an establishment's visual impression. We believe it ought to be beautiful, professionally cut, and well done. Always. 

Lawn care has always fascinated Sam Ngardu, LAWN to LAWN's     founder, as long as he can remember. From the time he could toddle, he spent his time outdoors with his father doing farm work, gardening, and growing crops of all kinds. As he got older, his interest in lawn care became  evident with his love for nature.

Growing up with his parents, making gardens and selling the crops to pay for his education, he learned the art of horticulture to the best of his knowledge. He knew he couldn't spend his time in an office. Wanting to get his hands dirty once again, he started LAWN to LAWN, while specializing in creating beautiful landscapes for the next generation of lawn professionals and lawn enthusiasts. Always follow your dreams and put no limitations on your life, nor should you allow others to limit you.